Save Money and Simplify Things with Shared Office Workspace in Brisbane

Perhaps you just launched a new company and are preparing to take it out of the garage phase for the first time. Alternatively, maybe your business is based in another part of the country—or another part of the world—but you are seeking a fuss-free way to establish a small office in Brisbane. In …read more.

Seeking a Coworking Office Space in Brisbane? Look No Further Than The Office Group

Some businesses thrive on having an office space that is entirely their own. Especially in the start-up community, though, the idea of a ‘coworking space’ is becoming increasingly popular. These offices—which put multiple businesses together in the same space—foster creativity, collaboration …read more.

Serviced Offices and Office Space Providers in Brisbane

If you are looking for serviced office providers, then look no further. The Office Group can provide you with all your office hire needs to create your unique workspace. We currently have nineteen companies within our building ranging from small businesses just starting up to companies with a …read more.

Engage The Office Group to Host Your Virtual Office Space Rental in Brisbane

For any company to operate, you need a central location to conduct your business. Even small companies have occasions where an in-person meeting with a client is necessary. Other times, you may need a quiet office setting to focus on different aspects of your business. …read more.

Our Buildings Offer Rent Options for Temporary and Short Term Office Space in Brisbane

The overall dynamic of running a business has changed throughout the years. Before developments in computers, the internet or even telephones, it was an unspoken understanding that the primary way to run a business is that all issues or communications generally came through one, central …read more.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Workspace and Where to Find Collaborative Office Space in Brisbane

For solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and dedicated teams, traditional workspaces may not be the best option. Home offices can be too lonely or distracting for some; conventional offices can be expensive or require a year-long commitment (or both). A more fitting option is often a collaborative …read more.

Using Coworking Spaces and Where to Find Small Meeting Rooms, Training Room Hire, or Boardroom Space in Brisbane

Modern technology has opened a world of options – literally. Today, professionals and even entire offices can work anywhere. Some companies need to travel to do their jobs effectively or just want to travel for its productivity and teamwork benefits. When you travel to Brisbane, you can still get …read more.